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Automation helps companies grow faster. Salesforce is an outstanding platform that helps your company achieve its sales goals while optimizing cost and revenue.

Gabee About Us
Gabor Andrasi CEO

Happy to help with any business and project-related questions, sales, and marketing contacts.

mark About Us
Mark Lowy CTO

Anything related to Salesforce implementations, technical questions, and things needs coding.

Our Mission

We are building long-lasting relationships between your company and your clients with the help of Salesforce. We genuinely believe that Salesforce can do the hard work for your success, and we ensure you will see things the same way as we do.

In the last 20 years, we worked in marketing and sales and have seen it all, but we have seen the industry's weakness at least. It was always hard to build great relationships with customers and keep them happy using multiple tools and platforms simultaneously. As you know, these systems are unlikely to communicate with one another. When we found Salesforce, it was a relief that we could finally use one platform that does all the hard work for us and does it perfectly. We are a small company with a constantly expanding team of developers, admins and marketing professionals. It means the focus is always going to be on you, the client. This is defenitely one thing sets us apart from larger companies.

Why Salesforce?

Who are we and why should you work with us?

We are not here to advocate for Salesforce but to show you that we can do anything you wish to use a single platform for sales, marketing, communication, reporting, and customer relationships. It just happens to be Salesforce that can do this for us and you too. Well, it has been built for that exact purpose, be honest. Our approach is to plan, develop and maintain a system for your company that last and will make a massive impact on your bottom line. You never have to go anywhere else for using sales and marketing tools, being it part of the Salesforce echosystem or not, because we can integrate any third party tools with Salesforce. It means that you can freely use any tools in the future we can guarantee it is integrated within Salesforce and you are not tied to a single system anymore.

connecting users About Us

We connect businesses with their clients

We aim to equip your company with the tools that help you improve your business, optimizing budget, and create connections between you and your clients.

Unlimited integrations
Trainings and support on demand
We run your system autonomously
Fast setup and implementations deadlines
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Building great customer relationships leads to a healthier business.

We strongly believe that everyone should have a great customer experience

Integrate all your sales and marketing tools into a single platform and automate all the boring stuff for better productivity and sales performance.


Intrudcution to Salesforce services


Comprehensive business analysis


Plannig your system based on the analysis


Translating business needs onto implamentations


Professional reporting and data insights


Managing your Salesforce platform

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Combine marketing and sales efforts to achieve more with your go-to-market strategy, and let us automate your process to get more out of your current capacity.

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