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Automating your marketing processes using Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables your organization to plan, execute and measure your team's processes using an intuitive marketing platform.

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Build effective user journes that converts for each channels and tools.
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Run, manage and maintain your social platforms with stunning reports.
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What is Marketing Automation?

With marketing automation, businesses can reach customers with automated messages across text, email, social and various platforms. Notifications are automatically sent based on instructions that are called workflows which may be defined by templates, custom-built, or from scratch to achieve better results. When a business uses marketing automation, human error is reduced, and efficiency is increased. This increases revenue because workers are free to pursue more important tasks.


Marketing automation helps with lead generation, nurturing and scoring leads, and measuring the overall marketing performance. It saves time and money as the organization grows and becomes more complex. Sound marketing automation systems are scalable for any size of business. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the number of opportunities to optimize your marketing processes is endless, and automating these time-consuming tasks can help your team perform better.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Main Features

  • Create and run marketing and social campaigns
  • Sort, segment and organize your audience and leads
  • Quickly identify hot leads using the automated scoring system
  • Build email templates, run and measure email campaigns
  • Manage and measure your paid advertising in one place
  • Build and manage dedicated user journeys 
  • Launch nurturing and drip campaigns to keep user interest up
  • Lunch and manage social campaigns all in one place

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  • Dedicated project managers 
  • Full transparency, weekly reporting 
  • Over 20 years of business and marketing experience
  • Certified  Salesforce developers, admins in our team
  • Proficient APEX developers for smooth and fast implementation
  • Over 20 years of marketing experience in 3 countries


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out these answers.

Marketing automation is all about using software or platform to automate daily activities a marketing department is dealing with. These include repetitive tasks such as email marketing, paid advertising, social media posting, building user journeys, and maintaining a nurturing list to provide efficiency and a highly personalized user experience. Personalization is critical in using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which helps provide a customer experience that leads to higher sales and cost-effective marketing campaigns. 

In an ideal world, marketers have their user data and, based on that, can provide an outstanding user experience to their users. In reality, marketing teams are armed with many independent marketing tools for their campaigns, but they are not connected. It usually leads to compatibility issues and many data sources to deal with daily. This is a difficult challenge and leaves the marketer with data they can't or can hardly work with. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud stores all data within the platform, helping marketers easily connect data sources and manage audiences and campaigns. You can read more about Marketing Cloud here.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as Marketing Cloud pricing depends on many factors.

Questions affecting the pricing:

  • How many users will your organization be using Marketing Cloud?
  • What studios will your organization use?
  • What are your current marketing needs, and what are you planning on implementing?

The best way to know more about pricing is to contact us or request a callback. Get in touch with us by clicking here!

Marketing Cloud's unique selling proposition delivers a highly personalized user journey and experience across multiple platforms and devices. Marketing Cloud allows you to connect various data points, interactions and channels in the same place from the whole marketing department. With this information, you can look at customer behavior and customize your brand's communication to fit each customer your business is targeting. This level of targeting will help your marketing become more effective by delivering the information the user wants and increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

It allows you to understand your user better and helps them solve problems using your product or services. 

We have to be honest here. Salesforce Marketing Cloud isn't the cheapest platform on the market. Therefore, responding to this question relates to your business needs and budget. Multiple SMBs are using Marketing Cloud as their primary marketing platform. The benefit of using Marketing Cloud from the beginning is scalability, the platform's features, the user-friendly interface and the direct in-platform connections to your sales data.

If you have a small marketing team, automation can help you reduce the pressure from your team by automating tedious tasks using Marketing Cloud. If you are a large organization, Marketing Cloud can help organize and manage large audiences or groups and increase marketing efficiency saving significant human resources along the road.

Still, have some questions? Contact us or request a call back from one of our Salesforce professionals!

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Do you know what you need precisely, or do you need to advise on the next steps? Either way, we at KloudBlaze are happy to help you achieve your goals. Marketing automation is essential to make your marketing processes smoother and more efficient. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the right choice if you want to take your company's sales to the next level or optimize your current marketing performance. Get in touch with us and let us know your plan; we're happy to help you make it a reality.

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