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Process &
Project Management

Organizing a new CRM implementation is a great challenge for any project manager. We are happy to help you through the process by providing dedicated project managers for our implementations.

Basic Service!
Dedicated Salesforce Project Manager
Dedicated project manager that focusing on you and your company 100%.
Documented Implementation Plan
We always document every move. This guarantee that internal and external resources alike can follow up every move.
Performace Boost!
Community Tools for Efficient Support
All community tools are provided and efficiently used to ensure smooth communication across the organization
Dedicated resource

Organize and Manage Large Projects Efficiently

Managing a Salesforce implementation is a challenge, even for a seasoned professional with extensive experience in Salesforce projects. Our project management service ensures you will have peace of mind throughout the project, and a dedicated professional will take care of managing and organizing the implementation. 


Project management you can count on.

We employ a no-distraction policy for project management. It means our project managers will solely focus on a single project at a time to make sure the implementation is spotless. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is the single most crucial aspect of a project; therefore, we invest more in managing projects than competitors.


Our project management approach:

  • Dedicated project manager for each project
  • No distraction project management policy
  • Effective use of Salesforce community to manage and organize tasks in a single platform
  • Effective communication channels to ensure smooth implementation

Best in Class PMs

Dedicated Project Management

Professional project management is vital for a successful Salesforce implementation. We ensure that a dedicated manager takes care of every part of the implementation process and smooth delivery. 

The trick of a successful project is having a point of contact on board that understands the product and the client inside-out and can respond to questions and queries immediately. Our dedicated project managers are trained Salesforce consultants that understand the system and can react accordingly if any problem occurs. 

Process and project management
business analysis targeting Process and Project Management
Documentation is key for success

Documented Implementation Plan

Documenting the implementation plan is not just a best practice but critical to protect your investment. Imagine if someone gets sick or leaves the company. A replacement should take control of the tasks immediately. This is why we document minor details when working together. 


This approach ensures both parties that written documentation is in place in case of sudden changes. It is also essential to have a written form of documentation as we go along, implementing or developing new features of your application to futureproof our work and your system. 

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To successfully integrate a new CRM system with your current sales flow, you need to start the process with a thorough analysis. Our best in class process and project management will ensure your organization will get the best support to build a CRM system that will help you beat the competition.

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