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Expert analysis of your current marketing and sales processes will help build an efficiently functioning CRM system and lower your building and maintenance costs.

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Help you optimize your marketing channels to boost sales performance.
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Business Analyses that Helps Boosting Performance

Speaking from experience, the most crucial part of an effective CRM system is having all the business, sales, and marketing-related information before designing the system. We believe that Salesforce is a great sales tool, but knowing what marketing processes drive users to your platform behind the scenes is crucial. It will give us an excellent opportunity to make the CRM system more effective and make Salesforce an even more powerful platform in sales automation.


Therefore our over 20 years of digital marketing, advertising, and business development experience will come in handy when designing and planning your CRM system. Most CRM consultancies focus solely on the business processes, which leaves untapped opportunities open to integrate and optimize strategies for both sales and marketing. Our data and marketing first sales approach will help you create a system that will become a core part of your organization and succeed in the long run.

Best in Class Analysis

Marketing process analysis

Before we analyze your business processes, we will look at your marketing strategies that drive conversions and leads to your CRM system.


We are doing it to learn the strategic thinking behind your campaigns as they are helping us determine the best possible implementation of the CRM system that supports your business goals. The better we know your system, the more efficient the outcome of your implemented system will be.

Business analytics
business analysis targeting Salesforce Analytics for Marketing and Business
The process is everything

Business process analysis

Business process analysis is the beef of the process. Based on what we learned from the marketing analysis, we will analyze your current business processes and determine the ideal system based on your business objectives, goals, and KPIs. We learn your current system setup, recommend optimizations, and gather all necessary background information to design the first sketch of your desired CRM system. 


We learn your current system setup, recommend optimizations, and gather all necessary background information to design the first sketch of your desired CRM system.  

How marketing process analyses can help your organization

During marketing process analysis, we look at what channels you are using, the marketing strategy, and how these channels are optimized to result in sales. 

How can we help you achieve your marketing goals?

  • Align sales and marketing processes to achieve your business objectives and company goals
  • Optimizing marketing channels and automating marketing processes
  • Optimizing existing customer journeys and sales funnels and creating new ones 
  • Optimizing measurement plans and aligning marketing and sales measurement channels


How business process analyses can help your organization

During a business process analysis, we gather information from your team about the current processes at your organization. We look at your current procedure, how you approach that and how Salesforce can help automate segments or entire processes. 

How can we help you achieve your business goals?

  • Optimizing current sales channels and automating sales processes
  • Creating new and optimizing your audiences to support sales activities
  • Discover user behavior, building sales journeys, and funnels for better-targeted sales campaigns
  • Tailoring sales processes for your organization's need andbintegrating existing tools with Salesforce

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To successfully integrate a new CRM system with your current sales flow, you need to start the process with a thorough analysis. Our best-in-class marketing and business analysis will ensure your organization will get the best insights to build a CRM system that will help you beat the competition.

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