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Salesforce Community

Build and tailor experiences for each user type using CRM and target users with personalized content.

Core Service!
Customer Seervice
Build awesome relationships with your customers and inprove the quality of services your company provides.
Performace Boost!
Partner Platforms
Create branded partner communities that help you collaborate and streamline business processes.
Employee Communities
Take control of your internal processes and make important internal features easily accessible for your employees.
Community Cloud

What is Salesforce Community Cloud®?

Community Cloud provides unique experiences for segmented audiences that drive engagement and build relationships. Community Cloud allows you to make digital platforms that connect customer data and interaction channels.

What can you do with Salesforce Community Cloud?

You can build websites, portals, and customer forums faster using community builder, which gives you access to templates, themes, components & content, using design tools to create your unique branding online.


You can set up processes and connections to datasets, and develop secure personal customer apps, client account portals, and partner forums, enabling your contacts to manage their data, collaborate, and connect with your community. Salesforce Community Cloud leverages your CRM data to other Clouds such as Sales Cloud®, Service Cloud®, or Marketing Cloud®.

Salesforce Community Cloud customer experience

Customer service

We can help you identify and implement the best customer service option for your business, whether a self-service portal, a knowledge base, a forum, or a combination thereof. We facilitate customers in creating cases online through processes and workflows to resolve issues faster, only involving support agents when needed.

  • Mobile responsive
  • Self-access knowledge base
  • User forums
  • Engaging community portals
  • Live chat with bots and customer service agents

Account Management

We configure business account portals providing direct account information and access to knowledge base libraries. Integrations with 3rd party solutions, such as financial management, eSignature, and document generator tools, allow customers to update their profile and quickly submit requests at a convenient moment.

  • Access to customer account information
  • Track order progress
  • Self-access knowledge base and resource portals
  • Escalate support issues through bots to support agents
  • Mobile responsive

salesforce cumminity cloud account management Salesforce Community Cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud partner platform

Partner Platform

We build customized and branded communities for seamless enterprise collaboration and streamlined business processes, such as partner recruitment, onboarding & training, marketing, activity tracking, lead generation, selling, and support.


  • Collaboration portal
  • Automated data sharing and workflow
  • Lead generation and sales tracking
  • Training through integration with Appinium

One of a kind community

Disrupt your industry with innovative market-leading collaboration platforms to exchange information and ideas with peers, experts, and thought leaders. Our experienced developers can accelerate Community Cloud deployment.


  • Networking & communication platform
  • Content management
  • Provide a developer platform
  • Connect with eCommerce solutions

salesforce community cloud one of a kind community Salesforce Community Cloud
Salesforce Community Cloud employee communities

Employee communities

We configure employee communities to facilitate internal processes, manage training and connect remote workers. This includes company organization charts, names & locations, HR & IT request processing, onboarding & employee development, internal company guidelines, and communication channels.


  • Employee's faces
  • Request processes & workflows
  • Training & development
  • Document sharing
  • Company-wide reports

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