Custom Salesforce development
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Custom Salesforce

If you have specific requirements that Salesforce doesn't offer out of the box, our highly experienced team can help you build a custom solution to satisfy your needs.

Core Service!
Customized Software integrations
Custom integrations ensure smooth integration across all your currently used software stacks.
Performace Boost!
Custom Feature Development
Do you have a custom channelor your aproach is out of the ordinary? Custom feature development will cover it.
Unique Feature!
Custom Development
Do you need to develop somehting that doesn't exist on top of the Salesforce ecosystem. We have your back.
Customization options

Diverse Customization Options
by Salesforce

Salesforce®’s diversity of customization allows us to choose from multiple declarative automation tools for development without writing code depending on the use case. If custom integrations are needed, front-end components (Aura, Lwc, Visualforce) will ensure to customize according to your requirements, supported by our professional expertise and guidance.

Do you have Salesforce Already?

  • Do you have issues with your existing organization’s performance?
  • Can’t you debug and analyze the Order of Execution performance?
  • Are your users complaining that they must wait so long or receive ugly error messages upon saving records?
  • We are here to help you with an unbiased, purely logical, in-depth analysis of your implementation, highlighting best practices and suggested modifications to improve scalability and efficiency.

  • Are you interested in another Salesforce® product?
  • Do you have an ongoing project which includes multiple external systems?
  • Are you unsure how to effectively implement communication channels (CTI, Whatsapp) in Salesforce?
  • Are you trying to migrate out of a legacy system and need guidance?


Documentation is key to success

In-Depth Documentation

We provide in-depth business analysis documentation, high-level solution design, technical design, and development. Do not imagine documentation as a user manual.

We provide living documents with business processes, set up discovery workshops to highlight inefficient processes and potential improvements, and prepare a map of methods we recommend moving to Salesforce®. We strongly believe that efficient communication and analysis are among the most important keys to a successful implementation.

In-depth documentation for Salesforce custom development
salesforce mentorship program Custom Salesforce Development
Support on all levels

Mentorship Program

Suppose you have an existing Salesforce® developer team. In that case, we can further assist with training on best practices (e.g., trigger factory framework, universal codebase, abstractions, performant lightning components, reusable flows, consideration of apex design patterns, building self-healing systems, logging architecture).


Difficulty and time spent on code reviews or no code reviews at all? Let us introduce you to a fully customizable CI/CD infrastructure that will ensure your team collaborates and grows while ensuring consistency and quality across your development & deployment lifecycle.

Full technical support

Custom Salesforce Development

We recommend custom development in case Salesforce® solutions do not provide good options, including the AppExchange. Our solution architects, developers, admins, and business analysts will ensure to reflect your business process needs in your tech ecosystem, including your Salesforce® CRM.

Custom Salesforce development option
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To successfully integrate a new CRM system with your current sales flow, you need some custom integration to fit your current workflow into the Salesforce ecosystem. Our best in class custom Salesforce development will ensure your organization will get the best insights to build a CRM system that will help you beat the competition.

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