Salesforce for small businesses
Small business performance boost

Salesforce for Small Businesses

Get an all-in-one sales and marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Get your small business off the ground faster and automate your sales processes while empowering your team with state-of-the-art tools for sales and marketing.

Core Service!
Automate your everyday tasks
Automate your team's daily sales and marketing tasks, building communities and engaging your users in purchase activity. Track and measure performance and predict user behavior using the same well-known interface.
Performace Boost!
Enhanced customer service
Salesforce help to take your small business' customer service to the next level with integrated communication solutions, marketing, and sales tools and also helps you to free up resources to focus on your business needs
Analytics and Business intelligence
All your sales and marketing data is located in the same place—no need to switch tools anymore. Beautiful reporting dashboards help your team make sense of all the data from sales to marketing and communication.
Small business solutions

Salesforce for Small Businesses

The quality of the customer relationship can make or break a small business. Knowing your customers and helping them solve their problems can help a business stand out from the crowd. Personalization is the key to a successful business in today's competitive environment. Salesforce can help you handle your customers, anticipate their expected behavior or future orders, or even provide them with related products that help to improve the quality of your service and the experience for your users. 

CRM system keeps customer service teams happy

It's paramount to make your customer service team's work as easy as possible if you want them to close essential deals with your customers. There is a lot at stake, and dealing with customers is never easy. When using Salesforce, they will be able to view the following customer data quickly:


  • Customer address, job title, name, and phone number
  • Customer relationship between sales and marketing team
  • Activities a specific customer takes on your website
  • Social media, email, or phone interactions with the customer
  • Past and current purchases, order status
  • Customer service requests notes related to their cases
  • Employees the customer engaged with
  • Previously asked and answered questions in a knowledge base

Salesforce for small businesses - CRM solutions for customer service support
Salesforce for small businesses - marketing solutions

Small Business Marketing Solution

A CRM system can significantly boost a business that relies heavily on sales performance, but marketing is also essential to increase sales. Marketing Cloud also provides enterprise-level tools to small businesses. Still, it's not the cheapest tool on the market, and the cost for such an implementation can not always be justified.


This is precisely where AppExchange for marketing can come to the rescue. You can easily find cost-friendly solutions to your specific marketing need without the burden of high maintenance and cost. Imagine it like an App store for Salesforce that helps make Salesforce available for small businesses and helps compete with the big players at a much lower price. 


  • Email: Design email campaigns with drag & drop interface
  • SMS: Send personalized text messages to your customers
  • Landing pages: Create landing pages using templates
  • Analytics: track campaigns, landing pages performance 
  • Marketing automation: automate your marketing processes

Increase customer satisfaction with a help desk solution

Using Salesforce customer service CRM packages and tools includes a help desk solution that can be a beneficial companion for small businesses. Free up some human resources by automating some standard customer service-related tasks and answering frequently asked questions automatically, your valuable experts' time and resources. Help desk tools can help your organization better understand your customers' needs and problems.


Help desk solution can help you with the following:

  • An easy-to-set-up console to help your customers everywhere
  • Better understanding of customer needs
  • Let your customer help
  • Empower agents to support more

Salesforce for small businesses - customer satisfaction
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