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Salesforce for Startups

Salesforce is a simple but sophisticated solution for any startup that takes sales and marketing seriously. Beat your competition by building your product on top of a scalable solution that lets you grow faster and be up and running cheaper.

Core Service!
Simple and Scalable
Scalable solution to start small and grow as your customer base is growing. Tools that help you take your business off the ground in a fast paste and integrate a sales solution from the beginning.
Performace Boost!
Simplified IT Solution
It is always hard to predict the performance of a new startup, but scalable, cloud-based services are helping businesses to start small and grow as their customer base grows.
All in One Place
Imagine having all customer data in the same place, using the same interface from customer data to journey builder and reporting—no need to buy other software.
Kickstart your sales process

Salesforce for Startups

CRM implementation is rarely the top priority for a new business. What if your startup would integrate an out-of-the-box sales machine that helps your business take off faster than your competition? What if you could have a head start by implementing a cost-effective, scalable solution that helps kick-start your business?

Scalable Customer Management

In an early stage, growing your customer base is the hardest thing to do for a startup and one of the most important to keep an increasing revenue stream and grow your business. After investing your hard-earned money into marketing campaigns, you want to be sure your customers are converting. Building your customer list can be a blood flow of your new company, and managing contacts and customer relationships can make or break your business.


CRM systems not just help organize your contact or customer base but take it a step further and help you do business with them at a speed that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can use your CRM system as a map for your customers and make them happy doing business with your organization.

Salseforce for startups customer relationship management
Salesforce for startups social customer service

Social Customer Service

Reaching customers and storing their data is an essential part of the process. Still, as of today's marketing, sales also change the path, and social media channels can reach many of your customers. As a startup, this could be low-hanging fruit to gain leverage over your competitors through a comprehensive overview of your social media customers and your prospects' activity on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.


You can respond to them directly via the platform and gain valuable insights into their behavior, predict the potential outcome of a conversation, or manage the conversation before it escalates into something bigger that causes damage to your brand's reputation. Social customer service allows you to manage customers via social channels, providing a much smoother customer experience.

Flexible Growth When You Need It

Many startups naturally start out using "small business tools," as they are very cost-conscious initially. But as the star outgrow them, they are forced to switch platforms to keep up with the growing business, and in many cases, it requires them to alter their business processes and retrain their staff with all disruption it causes. 


This is why it's essential to start with a solution that provides a future-proof solution to your business and doesn't interrupt the business processes at an early stage of your life cycle. Running a CRM in the cloud allows you to be flexible, start low initially, and grow as needed without disrupting your business processes. Salesforce Sales Cloud will enable you to develop your contact list and the team as required.


At the same time, AppExchange will support you with additional features to your system without the need for custom development to make your business run smoothly. 

Salesforce for startups flexible growth
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In order to be successful as a startup, you need the tools that help you grow fast. As an additional benefit, Salesforce can help you optimize your budget, human resources and as a result, your operation will be more cost effective and result oriented. Call us for a free consultation or request a quote below!

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