Salesforce integrations
Connecting with current systems


Simplify your connection between Salesforce and your existing infrastructure and make the most out of your sales department with Salesforce, which brings everything together in the same platform.

Data sources
One source only
Chances are that your company uses multiple solutions that are very hard to keep track of. Manage and analyze critical business data from the same place with Salesforce integrated solutions.
Performace Boost!
Simplify tasks
It was straggling with dozens of applications and software solutions that are hard to keep track of? Manage everything in one place, using an easy-to-use user interface instead of searching across multiple platforms.
Data first approach
Accurate data source
Using multiple solutions generates multiple data sources that lead to errors or inaccurate data. Eliminate errors caused by manual data processing, and that could cause incorrect data.
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Salesforce Integrations Helps Connecting Resources

Whether you are looking to simplify your current sales processes, build a better user experience that leads to more sales or transform and globalize your current system, Salesforce integration can help you achieve your goals.


Salesforce integrations

Salesforce can integrate many solutions, but what happens when integration is not that straightforward? This one is the most significant advantage of Salesforce.

There are three types of integration Salesforce can help you with:

  • User interface integration - user permission-based integration, when we can allow or disallow users to access any part of the system by managing user permission on an individual level
  • Business logic integration - utilizing APEX web services for inbound and APEX callouts for outbound to handle logic across multiple applications.
  • Data integration - using SOAP or Rest API to connect to data sources or applications.

Salesforce Appexchange connections introdused

Extend your Salesforce's capabilities with Applications

Salesforce App Exchange has more than 4000 applications that help you solve your business's problems that your Salesforce implementation doesn't natively support. Imagine App Exchange as a solution to the industry's known problems.


Many developers solve this problem by developing an application as an answer to that. Like the App Store, when you need specific functionality for your smartphone and download one for that purpose, App Exchange does the same for Salesforce

How Does It Work?

We review your existing system and identify potential bottlenecks to ensure a smooth transition to integrated services by analyzing integration opportunities. Our team recognizes the integration type, creates a suggestion for integration, and passes it on to the design team.
The final phase involves migrating your data, implementing automated workflow processes, and performing a final system check. Once the system is up and running, we provide training for all your staff to ensure everyone is up to speed with the new system and can use it effectively.
Design & Development
We create a new platform based on your system and point-to-point integration goals. Connecting multiple platforms with accurate data mapping prepares an ideal environment for uploading sample data. This evaluation phase identifies any additional development needs, such as middleware requirements.
Managed Services
You don't have to worry about managing your Salesforce platform; our team of expert system admins will do it for you. With flexible monthly retainers, you'll have a team of experts at hand to provide ongoing support and proactively adapt your solution to new features.
Quality Assurance
Once configuration and development are complete, the QA team ensures that all features work, the system is easy to use, and security risks are addressed. Our rigorous QA includes manual and automated testing processes that ensure no stone is left unturned.
Training Solutions
Our on-site or remote training is designed to fit any business environment and ensures you have thorough training for all your team members using Salesforce. It is inevitable to train your in-house staff to use the platform efficiently, and it also helps optimize costs for managing Salesforce services.
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To successfully integrate a new CRM system with your current sales flow, you must start the process with a thorough analysis. Our best-in-class marketing and business analysis will ensure your organization will get the best insights to build a CRM system that will help you beat the competition.

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