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Salesforce Marketing Cloud®

Marketing personalization from email and survey campaigns to social media and paid advertising management; all in one place within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud®

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Marketing Automation
utomate tedious marketing tasks, create masseges and build user journeys with ease.
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Data and Advertising
Optimize your ad campaings, create stunning reports and take advantage of customized user journeys.
BRB Marketing Automation
Connect Pardot and Sales Cloud, manage your sales processes using state-of-the art marketing tools to manage business relationships
Sales Cloud

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud®?

Marketing Cloud is about truly understanding your customer, personalizing each message to engage with them in the way they prefer. Marketing Cloud is about B2C and B2B marketing automation, audience segmentation, and effective targeting & retargeting to get the best ROI from your campaigns.

What can you do with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

You can gain valuable insights into prospect & customer responses at any interaction level with your business, allowing you to create personalized messages that resonate with your customer at the perfect time. This can be conducted through loyalty schemes, timely offers, and even new sales offers. Marketing Cloud is part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform and is connected with Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud. A little help from Einstein can transform your customer experience.


The platform will enable you to provide your customer with what they need when they need it, even before they know they need it. Marketing Cloud has many tools to allow you to attract new customers, start a conversation, build a relationship and turn them into lifetime customers. The options are unlimited, from creating journeys to connections via email and social media.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud messaging and automation

Messaging & Automation

Understand the audience, automate their journey and connect through email and social platforms. Our configuration team enables the following:


  • Journey Builder: identify customer steps, personalize communication 
  • Ad Studio: advertising management, optimization, and targeting
  • Email Studio: Segment lists, create personalized messages
  • Mobile Studio: send SMS, MMS, push & chat messages 

Data & Advertising

Optimize ad spending and improve ROI by reaching out to the right audience with relevant content through:


  • Audience Studio: capture, correlate & analyze customer data from multiple sources to create segments and drive customer journeys
  • Data Management Platform (Salesforce DMP): collect, unify and activate data using data persona modeling through AI
  • Salesforce Data Studio: a secure content-sharing platform between content owners, publishers, and marketers
  • Advertising Studio: use CRM data to create engaging ads, run ad campaigns across digital channels, lead scores, and track effectiveness

Salesforce Mareting Cloud Data and Advertising
marketing cloud social media dashboard Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Social Media

Social Studio provides deep insights into customer conversations across social media channels, enabling quick responses to comments & queries.


We configure:

  • Social listening to understand what customers have to say 
  • Content platforms to create and approve messages
  • Approve and publish across social media channels
  • React to inquiries via connections with Sales and Service Cloud

Reporting & Analytics

Marketing measurement & analytics tools drive marketing effectiveness and optimize personalized brand engagement.


We configure:

  • Datarama: cross-platform marketing intelligence in a single source, data analysis using AI capabilities, shareable reports, dashboards and performance graphs, alerts & actionable reports driving ROI
  • Google Analytics 360: automatic integration to gain insights into campaign effectiveness, content relevancy, CTRs and conversions, Google Ad spend, cross-channel engagement rates, audience activation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Reporting and Analytics
Salesforce Marketing Cloud B2B Marketing Automation

B2B Marketing Automation

Pardot connects to Sales Cloud, automating B2B marketing and sales processes.


We do it by setting up the following:

  • Pardot campaigns: segments, templates, forms, landing pages, emails
  • Prospect scoring and prospect grading
  • Prospect funnel workflow
  • Reports: campaigns, conversion rates, connect app interactions, funnel, and marketing asset performance
  • Dashboards: report visualization, navigation sidebar, prospects created, the marketing calendar, active opportunities, target companies
  • Admin functions: users, security, alerts, sharing

Marketing Cloud Connect

The Salesforce Customer Success Platform provides a 360-degree view of customers, enabling you to provide exceptional experiences.


We connect Marketing Cloud to:

  • Sales Cloud: onboard customers, offer new recommendations based on previous actions
  • Commerce Cloud: loyalty retention programs, alerts on shopping cart actions
  • Community Cloud: drive engagement and interactions through your portal, set up new campaigns
  • Service Cloud: service cases and their status

Marketing Cloud Connect Salesforce Marketing Cloud
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