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Salesforce Sales Cloud®

Sales Cloud is a fully customized solution to support and automate sales processes, build sales funnels and gain customer insights while allowing your sales team to grow faster.

Core Service!
Lead Management
Connect and manage your leads from all platform and stay connected with your customers.
Performace Boost!
Piplene and Forcasting
Plan your sales cycle professionally and forcast your team performance instantly.
Flawless Integration
Integrate all your existing tools and connect them within Salesforce for optimal sales performance.
Sales Cloud

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud®?

Salesforce Sales Cloud® is all about connecting with your leads and customers, making your sales process 'Einstein smarter and Lightning faster.' Sales Cloud allows you to focus on sales rather than administrative tasks, optimizing your sales processes and tailoring them for your requirements, in the office and out in the field.


Sales Cloud is a fully customizable system that integrates all customer information into a single platform that includes marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service, and business analytics, as well as access to thousands of applications via AppExchange. The platform is accessible through a browser using Software as a Service (SaaS), but a mobile app is also offered. Users can exchange information or submit queries to the user base using a real-time social feed for cooperation. Swiftly and effectively!

Lead Management

We configure your Sales Cloud CRM to simplify your lead generation process and enable you to convert leads into customers quickly. Sales Cloud can also help you optimize your internal communication and promptly sort and analyze customer and sales data.


To ensure you have all your data in one source and easily accessible, we configure the following:

  • Single or mass data upload
  • Sales path: lead prioritization and routing
  • Automated workflows: pipeline lead to close
  • Email inbox automation 
  • Lead activity interaction tracking

Lead management Salesforce Sales Cloud
Pipeline and forcasting Salesforce Sales Cloud

Pipeline and Forcasting

We configure your Sales Cloud to forecast and plan your sales cycle, close more sales and manage your team and the management's expectations. 


  • Pipeline reports & forecasting tools
  • Dashboards for visualization
  • Cross-device instant messaging to any stakeholder
  • Opportunity Kanban: stage, alerts, close
  • Detailed analytics


We configure your system appropriately to integrate all the tools you have already used for marketing, communication, or collaboration. Let us integrate your email or ERP system, so you can connect your Salesforce CRM to any design and have all the data within Salesforce for 360 overviews. A few examples of integrated solutions: 


  • ISV solutions such as Bullhorn, Accounting Seed, Appinium
  • Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Pardot
  • CPQ process: e-signature with DocuSign 
  • 3rd party ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle
  • Email integration with Gmail, exchange, and 365

sales cloud Integration Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Sales Productivity

Sales Productivity

We equip your sales team with tools that make them more productive. Sales Cloud can streamline sales processes, organize data and internal communication and automate repetitive processes that boost sales productivity from day one. 


  • Goal setting & dashboards
  • Guidance for each sales stage & chatter
  • Personalize Lightning views with top prospect lists
  • Auto alerts on the next steps
  • Sales path for different sales teams
  • Automate approval processes

Einstein for Sales Cloud

Our team will configure your Einstein's AI tool to Sales Cloud, thereby constantly scanning your CRM and external feeds, providing you with advanced Business Intelligence. We can also implement Einstein as a recommendation engine for e-commerce shops that helps cross-sales, increasing revenue. 


  • Activity and news-related insights.
  • Predictions on likely sales outcomes
  • Automated alerts on lead activity
  • Following step recommendations based on insights, leads, and sales
  • Business intelligence through reports and dashboards

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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Salesforce Sales Cloud is one tool that helps your company manage, organize and control your sales processes and let your sales team do what they are best at; selling your product or services. Wheatear you are new to the world of CRM systems or want to improve your current setup, KloudBlaze will have your back and help you achieve your goals. Get in touch with us and let us know the challenges you face, and we are happy to help you develop a solution that fits your business needs.

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